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Clearing your guttering can save a fortune in drainage bills

Angie Lyons-Redman advises on how to save money by carrying out annual maintenance on your guttering.

As soon as the rain starts, the calls start coming in with blocked gutters and drains causing havoc for our clients.   Mostly, guttering problems happen when regular maintenance is not carried out.  Some clients forget to have the guttering cleared after the trees have shed their leaves in the Autumn and this leads to all sorts of problems with the drainage.

When it rains heavily and consistently, the water will wash the leaves and roof debris along the guttering to the down pipes.  If there is heavy rainfall and a lot of leaves, a blockage can occur either in the guttering or in the downpipes.

Often, where a blockage is significant, water will overflow from the guttering and can enter the house to the room closest to the leaking area.  This is a common problem which results in the clients having to pay not only to clear the blocked gutters and carry out any repairs caused by the blockage to the guttering but also to carry out re-decorating work where the water has entered the house.   Damp patches may be seen in corners of upstairs bedrooms or along the top of the wall which are caused by leaking guttering.  Once the guttering issue has been fixed,  it is best to leave the area to dry out properly and then re-decorate.

The best thing to do to avoid blockages and leaks is to make sure you get the gutters cleared once or twice a year.  You can call in the experts because, while the engineer is clearing the guttering, he can also make sure that all the clips on the guttering are secure and check to see if there is any maintenance work required.

If you have an annual or bi-annual check up of your guttering, you will be thinking ahead and saving a fortune in drainage costs.  Call us now if you need a hand on 020 8996 2930.

Clearing your guttering can save a fortune in drainage bills

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