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Do I need a Powerflush?


We often get asked how you can tell if a Powerflush is needed on a system. Firstly, many people do not know what a Powerflush is, so let’s start with the basics.

What is a Powerflush?

A Powerflush is a cleansing procedure which is carried out on a heating system using a Powerflush pump. The aim of the Powerflush is to remove dirt, sludge, debris and rust from the water which runs inside the pipes of the heating system.

The reason why it is necessary is because, over time, the dirt and sludge builds up in the system water and makes the heating system inefficient.  More importantly, if it is not done, the dirty water causes damage to your boiler.

Do I need a Powerflush?

It depends on whether your system is dirty. If you have never had one carried out before, then you should probably get one carried out now to clean your system.  It may be that you have had a boiler fault and British Gas has told you that you have to get a powerflush carried out before they will replace boiler parts (usually a heat exchanger).

Do you have:

  • Cold radiators or dirty bleed water?
  • Boiler cuts out and makes noises?
  • A cold home due to blocked pipes?
  • Tepid water or temperature fluctuates?

If you experience any of the above symptoms it may be time to have your central heating system chemically flushed.

Contact us to arrange a convenient time for your power flush. We charge just £450+VAT for up to 10 radiators.

If your system is dirty and you don’t get it cleansed using a Powerflush, then you will probably damage your boiler and your system will become inefficient as your boiler struggles to heat the radiators.

Does Powerflushing really work?

Powerflushing really does clean out the system water.  If you have a boiler fault before the powerflush is done, the powerflush is unlikely to fix that problem.  However, this would be the first step to getting your boiler repaired.   It is better to powerflush the system before you replace boiler parts.

How does Powerflushing increase heating efficiency

Efficiency is improved after a powerflush because, once the system water is cleansed, the water flows more easily through the pipes.  If you imagine your boiler as the heart and the pipes as the arteries, it will help to explain how it all works.  The freer the water flows around the system, the less effort for the boiler.

Why do boiler manufacturers ask for a Powerflush to be carried out when a boiler is installed?

Boiler manufacturers require that a powerflush is carried out at the time of boiler installation in order to maintain your boiler warranty. This is because, if a new boiler is fitted onto a system which has dirty system water, there is more likelihood of damage being caused to the boiler.  In cleansing the system water, the boiler is protected to some degree.  Similarly, most manufacturers require the boiler to be serviced annually as well.  This is because a maintained boiler is less likely to fail.

Contact us to arrange a convenient time for your boiler service. We charge just £85+VAT (at the time of writing) for a London boiler service.

Please visit our main website if you’d like to find out more about our powerflushing services or to find out more about My Plumber London boiler services.

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Do I need a Powerflush?

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