Electrical Surveys and Certificates

There are different types of tests which can be carried out on electrical installations depending on the circumstances.

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Electrical Installation Certificate (previously Periodic Testing or Periodic Inspection Report)

An Electrical Installation Certificates (EIC) confirms that any new electrical work has been installed in conformity with the Regulations in force at the time of the installation. It will include circuit charts and record any tests carried out prior to the installation.

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We use qualified electricians

We only use NICEIC or NAPIT registered engineers to carry out periodic testing. They will carry out a visual inspection to identify any obvious damage or deterioration of materials or equipment. They will also check to see whether there are any missing covers, or live cables. The visual inspection is then supplemented by full electrical testing.

What is included in an Electrical Installation Certificate?

After the visual inspection and the electrical testing have been completed, we will provide you with a Electrical Installation Certificate (previously Periodic Inspection Report (PIR)). The report will clearly identify the results of the tests carried out, the condition of the installation, a list of recommendations and a conclusion stating that the installation is safe or unsafe. If required, we can provide you with a quote to carry out any remedial work associated with the recommendations that we have made.

The sections of the report will include:

  • Extent and limitations of the inspection – This section describes the areas being inspected and tested with a list of limitations to the inspection. Limitations include items such as inspection of hidden or inaccessible cables or equipment. It will also include the absence of lack of information that is necessary for the electrician to fully carry out the inspection.
  • Observations and Recommendations – A list of items which are not compliant with the current regulations which are coded according to condition of the item.
  • Overall Assessment – This section will be scored as either be “satisfactory” or “not satisfactory”.
  • General Condition – Brief comments regarding the installation that are not mentioned any where else.
  • Details at the origin and earthing arrangements – a record of electrical supply type and earthing characteristics.
  • Circuit Details and Test Results – A list of the circuits that can be identified from the information found whilst carrying out the inspection. This would include the sizes and types of cables, circuit protection and installation methods for each circuit with the test results.

Electrician rates

    • Monday – Friday
    • £90.00
    • 8am – 5.30pm
    • 5.30pm – 12am – £100.00
    • Saturday
    • £105.00
    • 8am – 5.30pm
    • 5.30pm – 12am – £120.00
    • Sunday
    • £130.00
    • 8am – 5.30pm
    • 5.30pm – 12am – £150.00

Charges are per hour with a one hour minimum charge and thereafter in 30 minute units. Some work can be carried out on estimate.

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