Extend the life of your central heating system with a powerflush.

A powerflush will remove any iron oxide particles from your central system, making your radiators warmer and saving you money on your energy bills.

Powerflushing is the most effective way to flush central heating systems with minimal disruption and dismantling.

What is a Powerflush?

Powerflushing is the process which is used to clean heating systems using water at high velocity, but low pressure. It usually involves the addition into the system of powerful cleansing chemicals and mobilising agents. These chemicals and agents clean heating systems by removing flux, sludge and other debris which has collected in the heating system over the years.

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Do I need a Powerflush?

There are thousands of ageing central heating systems with circulation and boiler noise problems caused by accumulations of sludge, corrosion, debris and scale. Some clients try to remove sludge by installing chemical mobilising agents directly into the system and then repeating the process some weeks later. This is fine for systems that only have a minimal amount of debris. However, for systems that are suffering from sludge, it really is best to get your system powerflushed. Powerflushing will cure most circulation problems.

Do you have Cold Radiators?

Radiators that are cold or partially cold are often this way because there is sludge trapped in them. The sludge tends to sink to the bottom of the radiator. This is why radiators can sometimes feel cold at the bottom and hot at the top. If the sludge is removed by powerflushing, then the water is able to circulate around the whole radiator rather than just the top part of that radiator.

How much does a Powerflush cost?

    • Power Flush (up to 10 radiators)
    • £500.00
    • Hurry! 10% OFF in April
    • £450.00
    • Monday to Friday 8am – 5.30pm

+ £30.00 per additional radiator

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Expert Powerflushing Engineers

We use Kamco powerflushing pumps to clean your central heating system to make it perform more efficiently, and more quietly, by removing debris and sludge. All our engineers have attended the Kamco course and are fully trained to powerflush systems properly.

New Boiler Installations

Boiler manufacturers recommend that a heating system should be powerflushed when fitting a new boiler to an existing system. When a new boiler is fitted, the system alterations and high efficiency of the new boiler can dislodge accumulated debris which has been in the system for years.

This is why boiler manufacturers may be reluctant to carry out warranty repairs where it is suspected that the fault has been caused by debris and sludge in the system. Only by powerflushing a system can you be sure that a system really is clean to the standards demanded by modern high efficiency boilers and heat exchangers.

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