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Should I keep my heating on all the time?

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We often get asked whether it’s cheaper to leave your central heating on all the time or to to switch it on and off so it’s used only when you most need it.

Ultimately we want our home central heating system to consume less units so that our gas bill isn’t so high.

By becoming energy efficient not only are we going to save more than a few pounds on our energy bills but by lowering our energy consumption we are helping the environment by reducing our carbon footprint.

So what do you do?

1. Leave your central heating on all day where the temperature is controlled by your thermostat.

2. Set your central heating to come on at certain times of the day where the on/off times are set via a timer.

The short answer is that it really depends.

Leaving the central heating on all day means that your boiler has to constantly burn gas to keep the temperature of your house at the required level that you set.

By setting your central heating to come on only at certain times of the day it means that, although your boiler won’t be constantly burning gas it will have to work harder to heat your home when it does come on. Obviously heating a house from cold requires more work. More work means more energy.

There are several factors that will determine which home heating option might be best for you and your family.

How well is your home insulated?

If you have double glazing, carpeted floors throughout your home, loft insulation and wall insulation you can pretty much say that your home is very well insulated.

Your home may be more energy efficient by keeping the central heating on constantly at a comfortable temperature setting. Only a small amount of heat will be wasted, or lost, throughout the day so the overall cost might not be as much as heating a house from cold once or twice a day.

Older homes may be less well insulated, have no double glazing, unused open fires, gaps and cracks and generally be susceptible to not being able to retain heat very well.

If this is the case then you may be more energy efficient if you only heat your home at certain times of the day. Most people work during the day so heating a house that wastes energy, or loses heat, just doesn’t make sense.

Your boiler will have to work harder than in a well insulated property to keeping your home heated to a constant temperature. This alone will impact on energy consumption. What’s the point of your boiler having to burning gas all day to heat a property that doesn’t particularly hold the heat very well when no-one is even at home?

How old is your gas central heating boiler?

If your home also has an older boiler your energy consumption is going to be even higher. Modern boilers are very efficient whereas older models are likely to be much less efficient. some as low as 65% compared to a modern condensing boiler thats around 90% efficient.

If you are considering upgrading or replacing your old boiler it is definitely worth contacting us to find out more about which type of boiler will best suit your needs.

As a starting point you can read our boiler section, but its definitely worthwhile speaking to one of our Gas Safe registered boiler engineers who can perform a thorough analysis of your home and your requirements and provide you with a free ‘no obligation’ quote for your new boiler installation.

If you do have a poorly insulated and/or an older boiler it could be much more cost effective if you only heat your home only at the times when you most need it. For most of us that early morning and throughout the evening times during the week. If you set the timer for your heating to come on about half and hour before you are due home you shouldn’t even notice that the house has been cold.

Test your energy consumption

The best way to test your energy consumption is to take regular readings from you gas metre. Many homes thee days also have smart metres which makes it even easier to monitor energy consumption in your home.

Why not test both methods to see which suits you best and which uses less energy? Heat your home constantly for a week by setting the thermostat and then monitor heating your home by setting the timer for a week and see which uses the least amount of units.

Should I keep my heating on all the time?

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