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Why is my central heating system noisy?

If your central heating is making strange noises they shouldn’t be ignored.

Causes can often be something that is relatively easy to fix and, in worse case scenarios, can lead to problems that can result in bills of thousands of pounds.

Metal expands as it heats and contracts as it cools. Metal pipework is often susceptible to such as the temperature in your house fluctuates. Depending on where your pipework is situated this may cause creaks and groans as they expand or contract.

Noisy boiler

Boiler Engineer

A noisy boiler is often an indication of limescale. The noise, known as kettling because it sounds like a kettle boiling, is usually caused because of hard-water build-up inside the boiler’s heat exchanger.

Chemical de-scalers can be added to the F&E tank which will pump through your heating system and remove excess scale. The system should be thoroughly flushed through a couple of times with clean water afterwards. We also suggest adding some inhibitor to the system to help prevent corrosion.

A noisy boiler could also be the result of low water flow through the boiler. Modern gas boilers require a particular flow rate so making sure this is correct is very important.

Air in your central heating system can also cause your boiler to make strange noises. This can sometimes be caused by incorrect installation so its important to seek expert advise to make sure that components such as open safety vents pipework are installed correctly.

Banging Pipes

Noisy Central Heating

Banging pipes can be caused by overheating. If your pipes and making thudding sounds the first thing to do would be to check your boiler’s thermostat. To do this, turn the boiler off and leave it to cool down. You can leave the pump running to help it cool faster if the weather is cold and you need to get your heating back on sooner rather than later.

Once its cool, turn the boiler on again and crank up the thermostat. You should hear it click. If you don’t you should call us and we will send round a boiler engineer to perform a thorough diagnosis of what the problem is.

Banging pipework can also be cause simply because the pipes are not secured properly. Ideally copper pipes should be secured every so often so that they don’t rattle about too much. If this doesn’t help it might be worth considering replacing your copper pipes for a more flexible plastic pipe. Pipes can also vibrate as a result of being too narrow to deal with the water flow. In such circumstances it’s worth replacing them to stop the problem.

Other noises in your pipework might be caused by air in the system. Over time your central heating system can corrode causing a slight air or gas build up in the system. As this travels through the pipework it can sound like water rushing through. The first thing to do if you hear this type of noise in your plumbing is to bleed radiators to release air from the system.

If the noise persists it’s time to call in the experts as it could be the symptom of a more serious fault that could damage your entire central heating system if left.

Pump speed

Central Heating Pump

If you hear and annoying humming it’s very probable that your pump is the culprit. Usually this is because the unit is vibrating and needs securing. Brackets can be installed to reduce pump movement.

It could be the case that the pump speed is too high. Try turning down the pump and seeing if this fixes the noise. If by reducing the pump speed it causes the radiators to take too long to heat up, we suggest giving us a call to organise a central heating expert visit your property to make a proper diagnosis. It may be worth moving the pump to stop any further issues.

Why is my central heating system noisy?

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